Onshore wind farm in Markbygden north sweden


At around 4GW, Markbygden will be the largest onshore wind farm in Northern Sweden at one location in Europe and will increase the installed base of wind turbines in Sweden by more than 12.5 percent. The Markbydgen ETT wind farm section will have a total capacity of 650 MW and will consist of 179 wind turbines.

The project is part of an overall plan that will include a total of 1,101 wind turbines.

For example, we provided 176 wind turbines with 3.6 MW each to the Swedish energy grid.

Voltage level:
150/33 kV

Power transformers:
2 transformer stations each with 2 transformers each with 125 / 160MVA
total switched power 640MVA


Svevind AB

Scheduled startup:
July 2018 and November 2018