Why choose WT-Energiesysteme?

WT Arbeitgeber
WT Arbeitgeber

People frequently ask themselves whether a certain employer really suits them. Would they feel comfortable there and be employed in line with their abilities?

At WT Energiesysteme, we live from the cooperation in a spirit of trust of our colleagues. Obviously, this also means that we are able to resolve constructive disputes because, let’s face it, people are rarely entirely in agreement with one another. But we make the best of it, as borne out by the long-standing company affiliation of most of our staff. This is not due to the fact that the men and women who work at WT had no alternative to WT. The opposite is the case, the industry competition likes to attract their attention and often by providing extremely lucrative offers to solicit the expertise of the WT employees. They rarely are tempted to leave the company however.

In addition tot he very important human aspect WT offers even more.

We offer them the opportunity to discover their own strengths in a company that operates throughout the whole of Europe, to participate in the construction of transformer stations and to help shape the further development and construction of innovative switching and control technologies.

In addition to above-average pay, WT Energy Systems also offers a comprehensive package of social benefits, which is not something that can be taken for granted, regardless of whether you are still undergoing training or are a fully trained professional. Commitment, a lot of individual drive, a willingness to learn, creativity and team spirit, but also the ability to criticise (as mentioned above) characterise our team, which is made up of creative and open-minded people of different nationalities.

We do of course train our staff, e.g. as an electronics technician for building and infrastructure systems and provide each employee with the opportunity to undergo further education, be it in the form of a language study trip in order to meet our international ambitions or in a technical field.

So if you feel we would be well suited to one another, send us an application. We look forward to seeing you.

I work as an assistant to the managing director at WT. My tasks include the planning and implementation of national and international customer appointments, the coordination of events and customer visits as well as the preparation and processing of accounting documents. The direct contact in the national and international environment, I find particularly attractive. I combine fun, passion, creativity, flexibility and ambition in my job.

A state-of-the-art workplace in a company on a growth path provides all employees at WT with sufficient security to enable everyone to develop their talents freely. I find the international work environment particularly exciting. Although we are all different with different talents, we simply have the same goal. That’s exciting every day.

There is a great and friendly working atmosphere, good corporate governance and policy. You pull together to achieve goals. I am proud to be a part of the whole.

Anke Lustig
Secretariat Dresden


2016 I started working for the sales team of WT Energiesysteme. The company made it very easy for me to start working there. I was received and supported with open arms by everyone. I was immediately integrated within the team that works very well together. A sense of team spirit is particularly promoted by the management. This is demonstrated, among other things, in social projects extending to joint undertakings, such as Christmas trips.

The company management always strives to ensure the well-being of its employees and creates framework conditions that are second to none. One highlight was the move to our new Dresden offices. We have been working there in beautiful surroundings with state-of-the-art technology for about one and a half years.

I continue to enjoy the fact that the company is constantly further developing. We have then penetrated new markets and extended our product portfolio in the past few years. Within this framework it is possible for every employee to develop personally and in terms of their technical skills. A broad range of courses and refresher courses are available to this end. The management creates the framework conditions for this.

If there is, for instance, a need for new hardware or software or the office chair is not suitable for your back, then they will quickly respond to this.

For me, as a single mother, flexibility in my everyday work is frequently imperative.

WT-Energiesysteme is a very family-friendly employer.

We can flexibly arrange the working hours. You also have the option of working from home some of the time.

Jeanette Heinrich
Sales assistant