Types of switch cabinets

Protective, switch and telecontrol cabinets

Transformer station Honsbronn (Netze BW), telecontrol cabinet & protective and switch cabinet
Transformer station Sitzerath, combination cabinet with telecontrol cabinet, protective and switch cabinet
Transformer station Kilberget and Transformer station Gråberget, telecontrol cabinet, protective and switch cabinet and overload protection cabinet

We have the competence for producing control, protection and RTU systems according to your acquirements.

WT Energiesysteme GmbH has developed an own concept that fits all required equipment in only one cabinet.

Our combined cabinet is equipped with all necessary components that you will need for control, protection and remote access in your substation.

The compact solution saves space and provide a good overview of all important information for your substation.

Switch cabinets for battery systems

Transformer station Sitzerath
Transformer station Gråberget
Transformer station Kilberget

Rectifier system with inverter


A battery system is connected to two systems in parallel –

the rectifier and the inverter system. The rectifier system supplies the direct current (DC) devices in case of a power failure. If the mains supply is available, the rectifier system charges the batteries with the appropriate voltage, controlled by a control and monitoring unit.


The inverter system is connected to the batteries as a special DC device. Its alternating current (AC)output supplies important AC devices whose function must also be maintained in case of a power failure. These are normally supplied with alternating current from the power grid – in case of a power failure, the batteries and inverter system take over.


The rectifier system ensures a reliable supply of direct current devices that must continue to fulfil their function even in case of a power failure. Safe supply is ensured by rectifier modules with redundant design, i.e. more modules are connected in parallel than required, so that the function of the DC supply is maintained even in case of failure of individual rectifier modules.

Switch cabinets for battery storage

Schaltschrank Batterieanlagen

Pumped storage power plant Herdecke – Belectric GmbH
BMW Leipzig – Belectric GmbH
EINS Energie Chemnitz – Belectric GmbH