transformer station Baumgarten Süd

referenz juwi

In May 2017, Juwi Energieprojekte GmbH commissioned WT Energiesysteme GmbH to create a ready-to-use substation on a turnkey basis. The service description includes all services up to the handover of the project, ie construction services such as civil engineering, material deliveries, switchgear, secondary technology, installation as well as all services up to commissioning on the grid.

The contractual preparation of the substation includes in particular the following services:


  • planning

  • supply and installation of 110 kV primary components (isolator earthing combination, circuit breakers, combined instrument transformers, surge arresters, Kabelaufführgerüst)

  • ground

  • 21 kV switching station,
    3-field 24 kV gas-insulated switchgear with a busbar current of 1000A

  • 21 / 0.4 kV internal power transformer including switchgear
    Protection and control technology

  • Connection of the 110 kV transformer provided by the AG

  • Structural installations (equipment foundations, oil cisterns, equipment steel, fence)

  • Standard test protocols (eg lightning protection, grounding, protection protocols)

  • Road construction in the area of ​​the substation

  • resurfacing

  • start

  • Documentation

  • All relevant network calculations for the substation

17291 Schenkenberg (Brandenburg)

Voltage level:
110/21 kV

power transformer:
25 MVA