Performances of switch cabinets



A distinction is made between switch cabinets, protective cabinets and control cabinets as well as telecontrol cabinets. WT Energiesysteme GmbH plans and constructs all the variants in a tailor-made manner in accordance with your requirements.

Protection and control cabinets are used to operate and monitor the electrical components in the system. Telecontrol cabinets, on the other hand, have the task of transmitting all the necessary messages to the operating manager and allowing them to be accessed remotely by the transformer station.

WT Energiesysteme GmbH has developed an innovative concept here whereby all the tasks can be realised in just one cabinet. This development is based on our continuously growing expertise and experience in the construction of transformer stations and is now also applied by users in other areas.

You can plan your switch cabinets that are precisely tailored to your individual requirements with us. We construct the required cabinets in accordance with the plans, put them into operation and deal with the maintenance and repair and other service matters.

Furthermore, we can actively support you in the planning and construction of AC and DC plants.


WT Energiesysteme manufactures customer-specific protective, control and telecontrol cabinets.
You do not have any space? We also offer you a solution to this problem.
While a separate cabinet has been provided for each of the application scenarios to date, our development department has succeeded in combining all three systems in one cabinet. Our combi cabinet significantly reduces the space requirements in the transformer stations and thus provides a significant cost advantage – Innovation à la WT!